CBD Oil vs. CBD E-Vape Oil

CBD Oil vs. CBD E-Vape Oil

Due to its potential health benefits, CBD oil has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Many products are cannabis-infused, including creams, lotions, even foods and drinks. If you have a vape device, you can use it and buy CBD oil. UK-based companies sell products such as e-vape oil, e-liquid and vape juice.

But what is the difference between those products and CBD oil, and can you use CBD oil in a vape pen? You’ll find the answers here.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes from the Cannabis Sativa (hemp) plant, specifically its flowers, leaves, stalks and stems. CBD contains cannabinoids, compounds that are rich in nutrients and beneficial for our health. Researchers are still trying to understand the full scope of their effects.

CBD oil is often confused with hemp seed oil. Although the latter is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients, it doesn’t contain any CBD or THC.

CBD oil is CBD in its solid form combined with a carrier oil, such as canola, hemp seed, olive, or coconut.

There are three types of CBD oil:

  • Full-spectrum – It includes all plant compounds and THC
  • Broad-spectrum – It features all plant compounds but no THC
  • Pure – It doesn’t contain any plant compounds nor THC

What Is E-Vape Oil?

Now that we’ve clarified the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil, it’s time we moved on to E-vape oil, i.e., e-liquid, i.e., vape juice.

Like CBD oil, e-vape oil is derived from the cannabis plant. When manufacturing CBD oil, CBD gets mixed with food-grade oil and becomes thick and heavy. Due to this process, CBD is easier to absorb. But the situation is somewhat different for e-vape oils. The CBD oil’s consistency is too heavy for the vape pen. E-vape oils need to be much lighter and thinner to be burned adequately and inhaled with a vape.

Hence, e-vape oils contain a thinning agent that adjusts the thickness and weight. The most frequently used thinning agents for CBD e-vape oils are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

In addition to finding a shop that sells high-quality e-vape oils, it’s also important to use the right vape pen. If the oil is overheated, the substances can damage your lungs. To prevent this, ensure you’re using a high-quality vape pen along with organic, GMO-free oils.

Can You Use CBD Oil in a Vape?

Technically, it’s possible to use CBD oil in a vape. But that doesn’t mean you should do so. As mentioned, most carriers used for CBD oils are too heavy to be burned by the vape pen. This would make the vaping experience almost impossible, and it probably wouldn’t taste very nice.

If you try vaping CBD oil, it can damage or clog your vape pen. If you want to vape, it’s better to choose an e-vape oil.

Why Should You Choose E-Vape Oil?

Many prefer ingesting CBD through a vape pen. This isn’t surprising since e-vape oils have many benefits:


When vaping, the CBD gets into the bloodstream through the lungs. Due to this, you’ll feel the effects in as little as 25-30 seconds.

When ingesting CBD oil, you’ll feel the effects after around 30-60 minutes. In this case, the effects last longer: up to 11-12 hours. With vaping, the effects wear off after five hours.


Due to its unpleasant taste, many people decide not to buy CBD oil. UK companies know this and recognize the importance of enjoying both the CBD benefits and a wonderful aroma. E-vape oils come in various flavours such as menthol, blueberry, strawberry. The choice solely depends on your preferences.


Bioavailability is the rate at which a drug or compound enters human cells. Different substances have different bioavailability levels, which often depend on how they were ingested.

The bioavailability of CBD oil is around 20%-40%. When vaping CBD, the bioavailability rises to about 55%. This means you need less CBD to get the same effects.


Many find vaping much more convenient than ingesting CBD oil. You only need to take out your vape device, heat the liquid, and enjoy the wonderful flavour and effects.

Enjoy the Benefits and the Flavour

Although CBD oil can technically be used in vaping, it will probably cause more harm than good due to its consistency. If you want to vape, it’s best not to buy CBD oil; UK brands offer e-vape oils instead. Since they contain thinning agents, their structure is perfect for your vape pen. Plus, you’ll enjoy much faster delivery and a better flavour.

To get the most out of vaping CBD, ensure you’re purchasing high-quality, organic e-vape oil from reputable companies.