VAWOO Vape Shop – Parts

VAWOO Vape Shop – Parts

VAWOO has a large range of serviceable parts for electronic cigarettes at the best prices.

An integral part of any electronic cigarette is a vapor generator, the so-called atomizer. This is a device with a heating element, which provides vaporization of nicotine-containing liquid. Atomizers come in three varieties:

  • Non-maintained;
  • Maintained atomizers;
  • Combination Atomizers.

One of the most popular ones in is the RDA atomizer which is a so-called vaporizer drip atomizer. It has no liquid tank and the user has to soak the vapors in the filler by himself.

Maintained atomizers for vape suggest the possibility of independent replacement of the wick and heating coil, suitable for experienced vapers.

The advantages of such a vaporizer are as follows:

  • Simplicity and ease of maintenance;
  • Longevity;
  • Fast flavor change possibility;
  • Maximum vapor volume deeply opened the flavor of the filler.

The atomizer of the electronic cigarette has several advantages, for which it is very popular:

  • Ease of use and easy control of liquid consumption;
  • Direct filler feed to the coil brings superb vapor and deep flavor;
  • Easy disassembly and assembly of the device;
  • Variety of design, wide price range.

The experienced staff of our store will help you to buy the atomizer for electronic cigarettes which is suitable for you in all parameters. They will take into account all the features of your model and offer the best price-quality ratio. But in our store CBD products are not available for purchase.